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2008 10 28

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Laws and Regulations updated (Marshall Islands Biosafety Regulatory Review).

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Laws and Regulations:

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is an island nation in the Western Pacific with a total land area of 181.3 sq km. It is made up of a double chain of coral atolls comprising 34 islands and 870 reefs lying between 5° North and 15° North and 162° East and 173° East. 24 of the atolls are inhabited and the total population is 63,000 (1998). Until 1986 the Marshall Islands was a United Nations Trust Territory administered by the United States. On 21 October of that year the two countries entered into a Compact of Free Association under which the Marshall Islands formally took over responsibility for its affairs, including external relations. The US retains control over defence policy and provides financial support. On 3 November 1986 the US with the approval of the Marshall Islands declared the UN Trusteeship terminated. The head of state and the head of the executive is the President who is elected by the Nitijela, which is the legislature. The Nitijela of 33 elected members from 24 electoral districts. Under the Constitution it has a general law making power. The Council of 12 Iroij (traditional chiefs) is selected according to custom and may request reconsideration of any laws affecting law or land tenure. The people of each populated atoll, or of an island that does not form part of an atoll, are entitled to their own system of local government. The authority of these local governments extends to the area within the atoll and to the area of sea to a distance of five miles measured from the territorial sea baseline.

Select from the list:
Printable introduction (Complete, pdf, 20 KB)
Marshall Islands Biosafety Regulatory Review (pdf, 231 KB)
Coast Conservation Act (pdf, 4 MB)
Marine Mammals Protection Act, 1990 (pdf, 22 KB)
Marine Resources Act, 1997 (pdf, 195 KB)
Marine Zones (Declaration) Act, 1984 (pdf, 28 KB)
Maritime Resources Authority Act, 1988 (pdf, 29 KB)

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