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2008 10 28

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Laws and Regulations updated (Marshall Islands Biosafety Regulatory Review).

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Administrative structure:

Staff of the Authority.

The Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination shall be headed by a Director who shall be appointed by the Public Services Commission.

The Director shall be directly responsible to the Office of the President or to the member of Cabinet as may be designated by the President from time to time.

The Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination may, through the Public Service Commission, employ clerical, administrative and or professional staff to assist the Director in discharging the duties and responsibilities of the office.

The President may, from time to time, delegate ministerial responsibility and oversight of the Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination to another member of Cabinet, as he sees fit.

Environmental Policy and Planning Unit.

In the normal discharge of the duties of the Office, the Environmental Policy and Planning Unit shall:

advice Cabinet (and the national government) on international conventions and agreements in which the Republic is a Party to;

advice Cabinet on international environmental instruments that may affect the Republic in which the Republic may wish to consider being a Party to;

Review all international environmental instruments that the Republic is a Party to and prepare general key position papers and statements;

Liaise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant ministries and to act as a focal point in seeking financial assistance from the international environmental fora, including all the conventions to which the RMI has acceded to;

provide technical training, advice, and assistance to ministries, departments and agencies in identifying, specifying and preparing sector and project plans, programs and funding submissions to the international environmental conventions financial mechanisms and to liaise with regional organizations regarding funding assistance and capacity building schemes.

Liaise with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office, and other relevant Ministries and government agencies in the development of sustainable and sound environmental policy;

Prepare annual reports on the state of the environment in the Republic;

Conduct environmental or scientific, reviews and assessments, including vulnerability assessments as required for the purposes of reviewing sustainable development goals and strategy planning.

Work in partnership with other government ministries and agencies, and the international community to prepare strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and prepare adaptation plans;

be responsible for the planning and implementing a workable system of clearinghouse mechanism.

Program Coordination Unit.

In the normal discharge of the duties of the Office, the Program Coordination Unit, shall:

Coordinate, manage and implement international environmental programs/projects and be responsible for its successful implementation;

liaising with government ministries/agencies, the private sector and civil society on program implementation;

Prepare monthly monitoring reports on budgets, spending, project and programs progress;

shall prepare and implement educational awareness programs and to liaise with RMI Environmental Protection Authority as necessary and appropriate to implement awareness programs;

Participate in regional and international meetings associated directly with the project implementation.

Data Collection and Analysis Unit.

In the normal discharge of the duties of the Office, the Data Collection and Analysis Unit shall:

collect and compile reports of international meetings attended by the Republic. Such reports will be collated and shall be used to assist the Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination prepare position papers on international conventions;

collect and compile data on vulnerability assessments and greenhouse gas inventories;

compile annual reports on greenhouse gas emissions;

liaise with the ministries and other government agencies, both regionally and internationally, to assist in the collection of reports, studies and other documents on environmental issues, for compilation into comprehensive computer data bases and a physical library.

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