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2008 10 28

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Laws and Regulations updated (Marshall Islands Biosafety Regulatory Review).

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Vision and goals (Guided by Vision 2018):

To assist "RMI meet external and internal challenges and mitigate the threats to our sustainable development and livelihood and indeed our very survival from the effects of global warming/climate change on biodiversity, land degradation and sea level rise".

Medium term objectives (3-4 years):
To complete office renovations & improvements: August 2005-March 2006;
To develop a Strategy and Action Plan for OEPPC for the next 3 years clarifying its role & actions towards its Long, Medium & Short terms goals and objectives;
To acquire the necessary human & financial resources as identified through the strategic planning process;
To implement the activities identified in the OEPPC Strategy and Action Plan including ongoing monitoring and reporting to the Office of the President;
To clarify & enhance the role of the OEPPC as Focal Point for the Rio Conventions, Operational Global Environmental Facility, Coral Reef Task Force, & the Pacific Regional Environmental Program (SPREP), among others;
To improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organization in 1) completing funding proposals, 2) interagency coordination (national, regional & international), 3) project/program facilitation 4) implementation and monitoring of various projects/programs under the Rio Conventions and other agreements as may be required;
Establish an effective and efficient mode for public awareness;
To carry out a pilot Project on State of the Environment Reporting

Long term objectives (5-10 years):
To act as the clearinghouse mechanism for information on all international initiatives concerning the environment and sustainable development;
To prepare State of the Environment Report;
To establish an effective sustainable development policy coordination mechanism;
To assess the major environmental vulnerabilities of the RMI and develop abatement measures and promote policies;
To educate civil society and promote public awareness on environmental issues relating to climate change, biodiversity, and land degradation in the RMI;
To provide ongoing technical support in the implementation of activities and progammes to respond and/or mitigate the effects of climate change on biodiversity and land degradation;
To identify and promote environmental issues between all stakeholders in RMI (local communities, executive land legislative branches of the national government;
To generate awareness regarding the influence of climate change, biodiversity, and land degradation on RMI's environment;
To establish or identify national policies on climate change, biological diversity and land degradation;
To collect baseline information about the existing marine and terrestrial resources and greenhouse gas emissions for the development of the national greenhouse gas inventory

Long term goals (5-10 years):
An adequately strengthened institutional and procedural mechanism aimed at securing the maximum possible advantage of international and regional cooperation to minimize the adverse impact of Climate Change.
Strengthened institutions and improved procedural mechanisms, to secure the optimum support from both international and regional efforts, in minimizing the adverse impacts of climate change.

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